Pole Barns & Post Frame Construction

If you are looking to add a pole barn to your Longmont, Erie, Frederick, Firestone or Loveland property, Saros Construction offers post frame construction services with over twenty years of trusted experience. Our company is dedicated to providing custom post frame construction, creating buildings that accommodate any budget or style. We offer high quality pole barn construction tailored to fit the needs of our customers.

Pole barns are a desirable way to build because they are so versatile and offer a more economical means to building versus conventional construction. With lower material costs, you get more for your money when investing in post-frame construction. Whether you are looking for a new garage, equipment storage facility, workshop, or a structure used for agriculture, post frame construction is an ideal way to construct a pole barn that is not only attractive but affordable. And with a faster turnaround than traditional new construction, you can start enjoying your new pole barn sooner.

Pole barns can be built with or without a concrete floor and are a safe structure that does not require the maintenance or upkeep that a traditional building requires. The materials used for post frame construction are strong and durable, guaranteeing that your structure will be built to last, which makes post frame construction a great investment.

Choosing the right contractor for your pole barn and post frame construction can eliminate needless hassles and provide a smooth experience, making the process of your new construction and remodeling services positive and worthwhile. Saros Construction of Longmont and its experienced team of licensed contractors strive to make your building and remodeling plans easy and painless. We will work directly with you to design a quality building and ensure that your post frame structure exceeds your expectations. Contact us today for a free estimate.